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Publication: 07.01.2018 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen

HUBERTUS - Saufänger / Saufeder für die Schwarzwildjagd

pig sticker / boar spear

For boar hunting we have developped as novelty a multi purpose pig sticker. The pig sticker can be easily screwed on top of a wooden shaft of approx. 1,50 m (approx. 60") length and is ready for use as boar spear then.

Publication: 25.09.2015 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen



„The Guardian“ leverlock copied in China

With great concern we have to state, that successful and sought HUBERTUS switchblade knives designed and made in our facilities in Solingen are offered in the internet as fakes. Our registered trademark HUBERTUS ® is used illegally on such knives.

Publication: 17.09.2015 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen


The unrivalled encyclopedia A to Z just arrived

This one-of-a-kind directory in English language is covering the history of the German cutlery industry and is listing detailed descriptions of more than 1.400 firms with all their brandnames and trademarks.

The book is illustrated with historical advertisements, reproductions from vintage sales catalogs and magazines, letterheads, photos and documents.  

Specific German terms used in advertisements, letterheads and  firms' names are listed in a German - English glossary.  

* hardbound edition with color cover

* 656 pages

* 25,5 x 19,5 x 4,5 cm

* 1,6 kg

* pricing: 69,00 Euro including German VAT


You will find more details on the book and order requests here »»»

Publication: 25.08.2015 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen


German cutlers from A – Z

As announced in June, Anthony Carter's English complete directory on German cutlers will be available soon. We are very pleased, that the US publisher granted us the exclusive distribution rights for continental Europe, while co-author John Walter will serve Great Britain, Ireland, Island etc. 

The book has a size of c. 25 cm by 19 cm, thickness is 4.5 cm (c. 10" x 7-1/2" x 1-3/4") and is listing more than 1,400 German cutlery makers and suppliers with the reference of more than 4,000 trademarks and brandnames

Some hundreds of photos from vintage sales catalogs, hundreds of cutlers' promotional advertisements and a lot of patent drawings are illustrting the directory.

Our NEWS will be up-dated with additional information soon!

Publication: 24.08.2015

HUBERTUS falconeers' knives in Belgium

We are proud that the association of Belgium falconeers' (Belgische Vereniging van Vlaamse Valkeniers en Havikeniers vzw) has ordered a limited edition of our classic style Nicker sheath knife customized for the special use of falconeers. 

This falconeers' association has a history exceeding more than 40 years

The back of the custom knife series is durably marked with that association's logo of a falcon along with the BVVVH  mark.

Publication: 28.06.2015 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen

For knife enthusiasts and collectors of vintage GERMAN knives & edged weapons

The COMPLETE DIRECTORY will be available soon

Anthony Carter's book „The Sword And Knife Makers of Germany 1850-2000 Vol. I“ is the most complete directory for researching the background of the German cutlery industry. It was published in 2002 and is no more available for several years.

In co-operation with the British expert John Walter we could up-date and complete a full German A to Z cutlers' directory.

Publication: 17.06.2015 • Author: HR - Solingen

enlargened belt pouch for oversize pocket knives

HUBERTUS reference # 19.050.LE.14

We are completing our range of knife accessories with another belt pouch.

Matching with the recently introduced smaller size pattern ref. # 19.050.LE.02 the large model can be carried on a belt vertically or horizontally.

The tongue comes with two press buttons with the option to secure pocket knives of two different handle lengths. 

You can store pocket knives with a handle length of up to 5-1/4" / 13,5 cm,such as 
HUBERTUS Jagdmesser der Warengruppe „14“  


pocket knives with a handle length of up to 5" / 12,5 cm, such as 
HUBERTUS Jagdmesser der Warengruppe „13“

HUBERTUS ref. # 19.050.LE.14

Publication: 15.06.2015 • Author: HR - Solingen

MUENSTER Professional Fire Brigade

will receive no. 400 Hubertus Rescue Tool soon

More than 1800 German fire brigades and emergency units are using our Hubertus Profi Rescue Tool in Germany only, additionally a large number abroad.

The "Berufsfeuerwehr Münster" (Professional Fire Brigade Muenster) is one of many customers, re-ordering our knives frequently.

All this customer's knives are being marked with the fire brigade's name and an individually numbering.

We could complete the latest shipment with Number  395 and are curious, if we will exceed the supply with number 400 still in 2015.

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