Bavarian Dress Knives - Bavarian Picnic Knives

Bavarian dress knife or Bavarian picnic knife are the common English terms for the special type of knife with a fixed blade called Trachtenmesser in Germany. These knives are carried in the right hand side side pocket of a traditional Bavarian leather pant, and just part of the handle is visible while exceeding that pocket.

Bavarian dress knives are characterised by the special shape of the blade and in most cases by a decorated ferrule. This ferrule constitutes the transition between the blade and the handle of stag horn or other game trophies which is fixed with the tang. A dark brown leather sheath is slided over the blade for reasons of protection.


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Our HUBERTUS manufacturing program comprises Bavarian Dress Knives in different designs:

Length of the Blade


Besides knives with the standard length of the blade of 10 cm we manufacture Bavarian dress knives with a blade length of  5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm, 9 cm, 11 cm and 12 cm. 

Materials of the Blade

  • stainless steel, forged in the die (steel quality DIN 1.4034)

  • stainless heavy duty steel, forged in the die (steel quality DIN 1.4110)

  • hand-forged Damascus steel with 320 layers

Blade Finish

  • satin-finished

  • satin finished blade with mirror polished back of the blade and guard

  • complete blade mirror polished

  • mirror polished blade with file work pattern on the back of the blade

  • mirror  polished blade with deep multi color or one tone etching 

Materials of the Handle

  • genuine stag horn

  • crown of stag antler

  • wood

  • gazelle's horn

  • chamois horn

  • leg of a deer

  • crown of a deer

Handle Fittings/ cap of the handle

  • deep-drawn stainless steel

  • deep-drawn nickel silver (Alpaka)

  • deep-drawn 835 Sterling silver

  • cast fittings out of brass

  • cast parts out of nickel silver with antique silver plating

different handle options

crown of deer or stag antler with inserted coins or plates



  • classic leather sheath

  • fork sheath

Historical Review

Bavarian Dress Knives - Illustrations of the Stahlwaren-Fabrik Gebr. Christians, Solingen, ca. 1910

Options of decorated fittings

cast fittings with additional antique silver plating


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 A - mountain cock


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 A - mountain cock in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 EL - oak leaves


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 EL -oak leaves in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 H - stag


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 H - stag in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 - Hubertus cross


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 - Hubertus in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 K - boar


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 K - boar in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 KL - King Ludwig


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 KL - King Ludwig in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 L - Bavarian lion


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 L - Bavarian lion in detail


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 S - snuff box


HUBERTUS-Solingen - 26.153.HA.10 S - snuff box in detail