Edged Weapons

Our HUBERTUS-manufacturing programm of edged weapons comprises edged weapons for hunting such as daggers, hunting cutlass, hunter's boar knivespig stickers, boar spear's, hunter's knife Waidblatt and hunter's knife set Waidbesteck.


Historical Stonedeggar

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Hunting Cutlasses

HUBERTUS - 21.145.HH.25 - Hunting Atlas

Hunting Cutlasses are large edged weapons, used as hunting knives since the 17th century when firearms became popular for hunting. From this time on hunting cutlasses were used to kill large wounded game such as stags or boars to death.

Hunting cutlasses were carried by the nobility until the 19th century, being the only game hunters at that time in Germany. Lateron hunters and forest officers used hunting cutlasses as part of their uniforms or as service weapons. Nowadays hunting cutlasses are primarily used for representative purposes.

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Hunter's Boar Knives

HUBERTUS - 22.108.HZ.18 - Hunter's Boar Knife "Huntmaster"

Hunter's boar knives are used to hunt down the wounded game. In order to ensure a safe handling these knives are equipped with a large firm blade and a distinct guard.

Historical terms for hunter's boar knives are "pig stickers" and "bear killers".

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Pig Stickers - Folding Bowie Knives

HUBERTUS - 22.110.HH.19 - Pig Stickers - Folding Bowie Knifes

Pig Stickers/ Folding Bowie Knives are characterised by a blade which protrudes from the handle in closed position. In this position the knife can be used as a knife with fixed blade to flay the game's skin and to fragment it.

By returning and depressing the lever the blade can be opened manually and the length of the blade is nearly doubled. In this state the knife can for example be used during the trailing of wounded animals to kill the game.

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Boar Spears

HUBERTUS - 21.318.GR.03 + 21.318.RT.03- Pig Sticker/ Boar Spears

Boar spears are spears of an up to 2 meter long timber shaft and a leaf-shaped blade. They were used during the hunting of bears and boars till the 18th century.

Nowadays they are used for hunting wounded boars that are surrounded by dogs.

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Historical Review

Edged weapon from an undated catalog of the  Blankwaffenfabrik<br />E. & F. Hörster, Solingen
Edged weapon from an undated catalog of the Blankwaffenfabrik E. & F. Hörster, Solingen