Fixed bladed Hunting Knives

Knives are the oldest tools of manhood. As hand axes they were already used in the earliest traceable history to skin animals and to trench meat. Soon the hand ax was equipped with a handle to handle it easier. With the introduction of improved manufacturing methods besides knives with fixed blades hunting knives with folding blades and additional components were produced.  

Our HUBERTUS "fixed bladed Hunting Knives" are characterised by a fixed blade with a flat forged handle part ("flat tang") and riveted handle slabs. Traditionally these knives are equipped with stag horn ("Hirschhorn" (HH)) handle slabs.

The handle might be equipped with additional components.

Additionally we offer Falconer's knives for the falconry with birds of prey.

Hunting knives with fixed blade


HUBERTUS "Fixed Bladed Hunting Knives" are characterised by a fixed blade with a flat forged handle part ("flat tang"). The handle slabs are riveted. Traditionally these knives are equipped with genuine stag horn handle slabs.

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Fixed bladed Hunting Knives with folding Components

HUBERTUS - 24.351.HH.11 - Hoofed Game Knive

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Falconer's Knives with fixed Blade

HUBERTUS - Falconer's Knife with Blade Etching

Special Knives for the Falconry with Birds of Prey

Falconeer's knives are special fixed bladed knives used for hunting with birds of prey. As  the bird brings the living prey animal to its falconer, the animal has to be killed by him/her.

The special grinding of the blade allows prevents that the claw of the bird is injured: only the first part of the blade is sharp on a length of 2-3cm while the rest of the blade is blunt in the direction of the handle.

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For users who want to carry a less noticeable hunting knife

Folding Hunting Knives - Hunting Pocket Knives

HUBERTUS - Huntin Knife Series "10" - Series "14"

Folding Hunting Knives or Hunting Pocket Knives are pocket knives with a blade locking in an opened position for a safe and practical handling. 

The handle, positioned at the end of the handle, enables an uncomplicated unlocking of the blade in order to close it after using the knife.

Traditionally these knives are equipped with stag horn handle slabs ("Hirschhorn" (HH)). Additionally folding hunting knives are often provided with components for hunting purposes.

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