Professional Knives


The industrial series production of professional knives has been part of the manufacturing program of many Solingen cutlers since the middle of the 19th century. Professional knives are characterised by a sturdy construction and robust material of the handle. Typically their design is rather plain. Traditionally blades are forged out of carbon steel. Depending on the intended use professional knives are equipped with one blade or with additional components.  

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HUBERTUS - 80.113.HH.02 - Stag Horn handled Tableware

Human food intake by means of knife and fork sets at the table established itself not until the 19th century. Series manufacturing as a result of the industrialisation enabled the option of introducing different designs at low costs. Tableware replaced the personal cutlery parts being carried in a sheath on the belt or stuck in the hat until then.

Besides our popular HUBERTUS stag horn handled tableware and accessories for the dining table, we also offer convenient HUBERTUS traveller's tableware and HUBERTUS take-apart picnic knives/ hobo knives

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Edged Weapons

HUBERTUS - 21.145.HH.25 - Hunting Cutlas

Our HUBERTUS-manufacturing programm of edged weapons comprises edged weapons for hunting such as daggers, hunting cutlass, hunter's boar knivespig stickers, boar spear's, hunter's knife Waidblatt and hunter's knife set Waidbesteck.

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Hunting knives with fixed blade


HUBERTUS "Fixed Bladed Hunting Knives" are characterised by a fixed blade with a flat forged handle part ("flat tang"). The handle slabs are riveted. Traditionally these knives are equipped with genuine stag horn handle slabs.

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Folding Hunting Knives - Hunting Pocket Knives

HUBERTUS - Huntin Knife Series "10" - Series "14"

Folding Hunting Knives or Hunting Pocket Knives are pocket knives with a blade locking in an opened position for a safe and practical handling. 

The handle, positioned at the end of the handle, enables an uncomplicated unlocking of the blade in order to close it after using the knife.

Traditionally these knives are equipped with stag horn handle slabs ("Hirschhorn" (HH)). Additionally folding hunting knives are often provided with components for hunting purposes.

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Outdoor Knives - Scouting Knives

HUBERTUS-Solingen - Outdoor Knife with Handle Slabs of Micarta and Leather Sheath

In 1932 the founder of HUBERTUS Kuno Ritter commenced his own production of knives with the manufacturing of scouting knives

In the 1970s/1980s the term outdoor knives was adopted. Outdoor knives are characterised by a fixed blade and used during outdoor leisure activities.

In Germany there are no legal restrictions concerning purchase and possession of scouting and outdoor knives. 

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Rescue Tools/Knives - Fire Department's Knives


The life-saving cut is the primary task of a rescue tool. In the year 1997 we were the first manufacturer who realised this intended use with our innovative and patent-protected Rescue Tool.

Our Rescue Tool is characterised by the following additional details: 

  • small, light and compact design allowing a permanent carrying without additional weight.

  • safe single-hand control also with bulky and wet protective gloves.

  • maximal accident prevention by our form of the blade patently protected in 1997. The innovative contour of the blade precludes stitch damages.

  • In its version as a pocket knife our Profi Rescue Tool completes with its small and compact size the protective equipment.

    As a rescue tool with fixed blade it can be mounted in automobiles, boats and on other equipments in the versions RRK Rescue and RRK Nautic. It is also possible to carry the knive on a belt.

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    Sailor's Knives - Yachting Knives


    Our Specialists for Seafaring and Water Sports

    Sailor's knives are based on knives with fixed or foldig blade used by seamen in the commercial shipping. In most cases their design is rather simple and they are characterised by typical features.

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    Switchblade Knives - Automatic Knives - Springers

    Hubertus-Solingen – 08.jpg

    "Springer" is the traditional German term for pocket knives with a blade springing out  of the knife's handle into the opened position by pressing down the folding lever.

    The lever combines the features of safety and release: it locks the blade in 'safety position' while the lever is being placed towards the top end of the handle and it releases the blade to fly out open while the lever is folded in backword 'unsafe' position; the release for closing the open locked blade works in reverse order.

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    Pocket Knives - Clasp Knives - Folding Knives

    Hubertus-Solingen – 18.jpg

    Our HUBERTUS manufacturing program comprises different classic and modern types of pocket knives. 

    This section is still under construction and will be completed soon. 

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    Bavarian Dress Knives - Bavarian Picnic Knives


    Bavarian dress knife or Bavarian picnic knife are the common English terms for the special type of knife with a fixed blade called Trachtenmesser in Germany. These knives are carried in the right hand side side pocket of a traditional Bavarian leather pant, and just part of the handle is visible while exceeding that pocket.

    Bavarian dress knives are characterised by the special shape of the blade and in most cases by a decorated ferrule. This ferrule constitutes the transition between the blade and the handle of stag horn or other game trophies which is fixed with the tang. A dark brown leather sheath is slided over the blade for reasons of protection.


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