Traveller's Tableware

The historic origin of traveller's tableware can be tracked in the time before the industrialisation when knife and fork were always carried by their owners.

The knife manufacturers of Solingen adapted to the travelling habits of the population from 1900 on and started to produce space-saving traveller's tableware in multifaceted patterns. These sets of tableware are also known as tourist's tableware. 

85.818.HH.04 - Traveller's Tableware in a Leather Case

85.818.HH.04 -offen.jpg

Blade length: 12.5 cm / 4-7/8"

Edge of the blade with 1/3 serration

Blade material: 1.4034 stainless

Handle slabs: stag horn

Leather case 

Overall weight: ca. 280 g / 9.88 oz


safely packed sheath


opened sheath


ready-to-use tableware

24.110.HH.10 - Fixed Bladed Nicker Picnic Knife

24.110.HH.10 .jpg

Blade length: 10 cm / 4"

Blade thickness: 3,4 mm

Overall length: 21 cm / 8-1/4"

Blade material: 1.4034 stainless

Fork blade with bottle opener

weight: ca. 200 g

handle slabs: stag horn

sheath: green leather sheath, belt loop can be separated 


unlocked fork


separated fork


ready-to-use tableware


Our fixed bladed Nicker Picnic Knife 24.110.HH.10 comes in standard option with a dark green leather sheath, the belt loop can be pulled off. (left hand side of the illustration)

As option the knife is available also:

  • 24.110.HH.10 KS
    with dark brown leather sheath, nickel silver fittings (right hand side)
  • 24.110.HH.10 DS
    with short dark green leather sheath with push button safety and NO BELT LOOP (in the centre of the illustration)

Historical Review

Tourist's Tableware; knife and fork can be pushed together, illustration published c.1910, Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen