Rescue Tools / Rescue Knives with automatic blade

We are proud that our inventions of HUBERTUS rescue knives are recommended by many authorities as worldwide leading tools for the safety equipment.

The bsic pattern is dating back to our introduction of a patented blade design in 1998.

Frequent improvements and updates are featuring the present state-of-the-art.

1.1 HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool

Rescue Knife with Automatic Blade, Single-Hand Control by a Push-Button


Our innovative rescue knive Profi Rescue Tool completes the protective equipment of more than 1.800 fire services and emergency rescue services.

Already in the year 1978 we introduced a knife with the name Rescue Tool and improved it in several steps on the basis of practitioner's suggestions.

After the magnification of the tear hook we labeled the rescue knife HUBERTUS Rescue Tool S and the current model is called HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool.

HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool is characterised by the following details:

  • the dull tip of the blade is covering an extremely sharp hook

  • 1/3 of the knife edge with an extremly sharp serration

  • blade with a very corrosion-resistant surface treatment

Blade: 9 cm stainless SANDVIK steel # 13C26 "tumble polished",

            hardness 60 HRC

Length of the handle: 12 cm / 4-3/4"

Loop for a safety strap at the handle's bottom end 

Weight: 100 g / 3.53 oz

Material of the handle: stron glass fiber reinforced DuPont ZYTEL ® with the color options

  • black (# 68.466.SW.01)   no more standard stocked color *)

  • signal color orange-red (# 68.466.RT.01) standard stocked item

  • signal color light yellow (# 68.466.GE.01) no more standard stocked color *)

*) Handle color black or yellow (or other custom color options) are made on specal request only.

The knife comes with a clip of glass fiber reinforced synthetic ZYTEL ® in the color of the handle. It can either be fixed with the enclosed screw on the left or on the right side in the loop and is removable.


Our HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool received serveral awards, for example of the Technologiezentren Wuppertal-Remscheid-Solingen, the journal VISIER and the journal MesserMagazin (winner in the category folding rescue knife in the year 2000).

1.2 HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool T

Special Design with black TEFLON ® Coating of the Blade


A special black coating of the blade can be of additional benefit for particular purposes.

Our black TEFLON ® coating minimizes light reflection and can positively affect the cutting attitude of certain materials. In practice the black coated blade is for example used to rip hazmat suits in emergency situations.

Item-No. 68.866.GE.01 T  (no more standard stocked item, made on sprecial request only)

The technical details and the scope of delivery are equivalent to the HUBERTUS Profi Rescue Tool.

1.3 Glass Breaker

Extra on customer request


Windows in automobiles are serially produced of safety glass. To break it, we equip our rescue tool with a glass graze at the back of the handle on customer requests.

A light circular, triangular or rectangular marking on the window suffices to destroy the scarified part of the window by a slight hit in a second step. In a third step the whole window kann be remoted.

By using our glass breaker an accident as well as injury risk for all persons involved is minimized respectively virtually completely excluded.

1.4 Customized Labeling - Labeling of Ownership

We offer etching of the blade and laser engraving for

  • labeling of ownership

  • continuous numbering 

  • promotion purpose

Examples of customized labeling:

Detail PRT gelb 1.jpg

HUBERTUS - RESCUE TOOLS are in daily use by numerousness national and international fire services and rescue services