Boar Spears

Boar spears are spears of an up to 2 meter long timber shaft and a leaf-shaped blade. They were used during the hunting of bears and boars till the 18th century.

Nowadays they are used for hunting wounded boars that are surrounded by dogs.

The modern style HUBERTUS Boar Spear

In January 2018 we introduced our modern style HUBERTUS Boar Spear. It features a take-apart combination of pig sticker and boar spear. Aluminum fittings allow screwing the handle of the pig sticker on top of the wooden shaft. Camouflage decorations are available in the options of green or orange/red.

Saufänger / Saufeder (bei montiertem Holzschaft)

21.318.GR.03 - handle: camouflage green
21.318.RT.03 - handle: camouflage orange-red


Pig Sticker / Boar Spear Blade

leave shaped, dagger grinded extremely sharp edge

blade material:
high performance ThyssenKrupp stainless steel DIN 1.4116

thickness of the blade: 4,5 mm - 3/16"

satin finsih 

hand guard::
wide stainless steel, thickness 5 mm - c.3/16"

overall length: ca. 35 cm -   c.13-3/4"


pig stickerr: 625 Gramm
leather sheath: 140 Gramm
boar spear complete:: 1,9 kg

black color heavy leather with 3 push button safety
belt loop and leg straps


wooden shaft of the boar spear

aluminum screw for easy fixing of the pig sticker

overall length

ca. 185 cm - c. 73"

This item is available in our outlet store and on hunting & fishing shows.

Saufaenger-Saufeder-TA-GR-Detail Griff.jpg

Historical Review

Dutch Engraving 'Hunting of the Sow', supposedly 16th century