Human food intake by means of knife and fork sets at the table established itself not until the 19th century. Series manufacturing as a result of the industrialisation enabled the option of introducing different designs at low costs. Tableware replaced the personal cutlery parts being carried in a sheath on the belt or stuck in the hat until then.

Besides our popular HUBERTUS stag horn handled tableware and accessories for the dining table, we also offer convenient HUBERTUS traveller's tableware and HUBERTUS take-apart picnic knives/ hobo knives

Take-Apart Picnic Knives/ Hobo Knives

HUBERTUS - 89.113.HH.02 - Take-Apart Picnic Knife/ Hobo Knife with Stag Horn Handle Slabs

HUBERTUS take-apart picnic knives/ hobo knives are characterised by a take-apart handle with a folding blade and a fork blade. By opening the fork blade both halfs of the handle are unlocked and knife and fork can be used as tableware with separated components.

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Stag Horn handled Tableware & Tableware Accessories

HUBERTUS - 80.113.HH.02 Tableware ("Tafelbesteck")

We manufacture classic HUBERTUS tableware ranging from tableware for banquets to steak tableware. Additionally we offer tableware accessories and carving sets. 

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Traveller's Tableware

HUBERTUS - 85.818.HH.04 - Traveller's Tableware in a Leather Case

HUBERTUS traveller's tableware is packed ready for use in a handy rolled leather sheath. This perfectly holds the four-piece set of tableware and keeps it safe during the journey.

As an alternative the HUBERTUS Nicker Knife stored in a belt-sheath offers the features of knife and separate fork.

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Historical Backview

Besteck historisch.jpg
Tableware with handles of deer antlers, published in a vintage sales catalog of Gebr. Gräfrath (Graefrath Brothers) cutler from Solingen in 1927