Rescue Tools/Knives - Fire Department's Knives

The life-saving cut is the primary task of a rescue tool. In the year 1997 we were the first manufacturer who realised this intended use with our innovative and patent-protected Rescue Tool.

Our Rescue Tool is characterised by the following additional details: 

  • small, light and compact design
    allowing a permanent carrying without additional weight.

  • safe single-hand control
    also with bulky and wet protective gloves.

  • maximal accident prevention
    by our form of the blade patently protected in 1997.
    The innovative contour of the blade precludes stitch damages.

In its version as a pocket knife our Profi Rescue Tool completes with its small and compact size the protective equipment.

As a rescue tool with fixed blade it can be mounted in automobiles, boats and on other equipments in the versions RRK Rescue and RRK Nautic. It is also possible to carry the knive on a belt.

Rescue Tools / Rescue Knives with automatic blade


We are proud that our inventions of HUBERTUS rescue knives are recommended by many authorities as worldwide leading tools for the safety equipment.

The bsic pattern is dating back to our introduction of a patented blade design in 1998.

Frequent improvements and updates are featuring the present state-of-the-art.

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Carrying Equipment for automatik versions


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Rescue Tools / Rescue Knives with fixed Blade


Our HUBERTUS RRK series fulfills the requirements of sailors, aquatic athletes and rescue services for

  • as anti-slip handle
  • an easy recognizability and safe handling
  • minimal maintenance
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    Carrying Equipment for fixed versions


    In order to mount the sheath on arms or legs we offer adjustable rubber springs in a set of a two-part set.

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    HUBERTUS - RESCUE TOOLS are in daily use by numerousness national and international fire services and rescue services