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"Springer" is the traditional German term for pocket knives with a blade springing out  of the knife's handle into the opened position by pressing down the folding lever.

The lever combines the features of safety and release: it locks the blade in 'safety position' while the lever is being placed towards the top end of the handle and it releases the blade to fly out open while the lever is folded in backword 'unsafe' position; the release for closing the open locked blade works in reverse order.

Please note: We intensified a long term relationship with OTTER Messer company in Solingen, famous manufacturer of semi handcrafted knives such as MERCATOR brand. 

In 2021 OTTER company started manufacuring and distributing HUBERTUS brand switchblade knives. These knives are no longer available by our company, please follow the HUBERTUS brand section at OTTER Messer Solingen.


Springers with Clip Point Blade

HUBERTUS Springers with Clip Point Blade

HUBERTUS Springers with a classic clip point blade are manufactured in three sizes:

1. (68.xxx.yy.08) = small size pattern     

2. (68.xxx.yy.10) = medium size pattern

3. (68.xxx.yy.11)large size pattern

All three patterns are manufactured with different handle materials.

The large pattern (11) can also be delivered with a drop point blade and with additional components.

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Springers with Drop Point Blade

HUBERTUS Springers with drop point blade

HUBERTUS Springers with a drop point blade are manufactured in five patterns:

1. (68.111.xx.11) = classic pattern

2. (68.112.xx.09) = small slim pattern

3. (68.112.xx.12) = slim pattern

4. (68.115.xx.09) = oval/barrel pattern

5. (68.106.xx.10) = pistol shape pattern


All patterns are manufactured with different materials of the handle.

The larges pattern 11 is also available with clip point blade or with additional components.

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Springer with folding guard

Hubertus Springers Series Guardian

We are crafting our HUBERTUS Springer with folding guard under the name "The Guardian" in different options. While the blade is in closed position the guard made out of solid nickel silver abuts on the handle. When the blade is released the guard swings automaticly orthogonally in front of the handle.

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Springers with additional components

HUBERTUS Springers with additional Components

In the classic large pattern 11 HUBERTUS Springers are manufactured with additional folding components.

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Springers in limited Editions


For all knife enthusiasts who are looking for the very special and collectable knife!

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Springers with Hidden Release

HUBERTUS-Solingen - 69.110.HH.11 - Magic Knife

The classic release for a switchlade knife is a mechanisme activated by a lever or by a push button.

Additionally we are manufacturing switchblade knives/ springers being activated by a hidden release in two options:

The "Magic Knife" series is being activated by a pen blade release or by a cap lifter release. The small pen blade or the cap lifter blade aside to the automaticly opening master blade (switchblade) must be pressed down to release the switchblade.

The Hubertus X-PRESS knife has a scale release (palm release). The upside handle slab must be moved forward at the bottom end to make the switchblade fly out in open position.


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Springers which are only manufactured for Export


All knives presented in this section are only manufactured and offered for export purpose. We are not allowed and do not sell these knives to German retailers and customers as the German law on arms classifies them as prohibited items.Therefor these knives are offered to customers abroad from Germany only.

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Available versions as with special Equiment

Besides the standard knives described above we are able to manufacture knives with different handle slab materials. Please contact us if you have further questions concerning different types of handle slabs.

Material for Handle Slabs (Standard Materials are marked in bold)

  • Bone plain
  • Bone colored
  • Bone grinded & colored
  • Buffalo Horn
  • Buckhorn / Stag Horn
  • Buckhorn grinded & polished
  • Celluloid
  • CORIAN ® DuPont
  • Ebony
  • Ivory
  • Ivory-Micarta
  • Mammoth-Ivory
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Palisander wood
  • Rosewood
  • Snakewood
  • plastic: Buckhorn imitation
  • Synthetic Material-Composit, Glass Fibre reinforced in Carbon Fiber Design
  • ZYTEL® DuPont

Material of the Blade

  • Damascus Steel 320 layers (Balbach damasus steel)
  • Laminated Damascus Steel VG-10 65 layers
  • Cast Steel C 45
  • Stainless Steel DIN 1.4034
  • Sandvik 13C26

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