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HUBERTUS in Specialized Press and Publications

At this point we collect newspaper and magazine articles which have been published about HUBERTUS.

If available we added an additional PDF-file at the end of each article. In each case there is an approval of the publisher.

MESSER MAGAZIN 1/2015 - Page 46-56

MESSER MAGAZIN 1/2015 - Front Page

Market Overview: Switch Blade Knives

Current Models from classic to tactical

In the knife-journal MESSER MAGAZIN 1/2015 12 current models of switchblade knives ("Springer") are presented. Our HUBERTUS model 69.120.HH.11 is also present and represents the traditional version!

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Gentleman-Pocket Knives


History, Technology and the most beautiful Models from all over the World

A particular informative and illustrated Book by Stefan Schmalhaus

The book comprises 224 pages, is excellently layoutet und illustrated with a large number of historical and coloured illustrations. 

We are very glad and thank Stefan Schmalhaus for considering our multi-part Westphalian’s Nobility Knife as a traditional gentleman pocket knife. 

Till now the book is only available in German language.

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MESSER MAGAZIN 6/2014 - Page 40-51


Market Overview: Gentlemen-Pocket Knives

The journal MESSER MAGAZIN presents 15 different models of gentlemen knives in its issue 6/2014.

We are very glad to announce that with a knife from our Westphalian’s Nobility Knife-series  HUBERTUS is also present in the article.

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MESSER MAGAZIN 5/2014 - Page 42-51


Overview of the Market: Scouting Knives

As one of the cover stories if the current issue of MESSER MAGAZIN the journal presents current models of scounting knives in a synopsis an 10 pages.

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MESSER MAGAZIN 4/2013 - Page 42-51



The knife-journal Messer Magazin published in its issues of 4/2013 a 10-page article about hunting knives.

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MESSER-KATALOG 2013 - Page 105-107


In the MESSER-KATALOG 2013 - a special publication of the well-known German knife-magazine  MESSER MAGAZIN - current and revised products of the national and the international knife-scene are presented. This time we are represented on 3 pages with 18 knives.

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Messer Magazin 1/2013 - Page 76-77


Solinger Spezialität - A Specialty from Solingen

The German "Messer Magazin"  reports in its issue of 1/2013 about switchblade knives ("Springer") with a lever-lock-mechanism and in particular about those manufactured by HUBERTUS. 

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MESSER-KATALOG 2008 (Knive Catalog 2008)
PORTRÄT: Hubertus - Kuno Ritter



The professional journal Messer Magazin published a two-page company portrait of HUBERTUS in its "Messer Katalog 2008" ("Knife Catalog 2008").

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MESSER MAGAZIN 2/2007 - Page 42-49


Overview of the market of folding Hunting Knives

In its issue 2/2007 the journal Messer Magazin published an eight-page article on folding hunting knives also dealing with our HUBERTUS knives.We are glad to present it below.


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Several national and international magazines covering diverse sectors reported about HUBERTUS. For example: