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Publication: 28.06.2015 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen

For knife enthusiasts and collectors of vintage GERMAN knives & edged weapons

The COMPLETE DIRECTORY will be available soon

Knife enthusiasts and collectors of vintage cutlery are often researching avidly the background and history of their treasures. Anthony Carter published his well researched book The Sword And Knife Makers of Germany 1850-2000 Vol. I“ in 2002, listing German cutlers with the name's starting letter from A to L. So far this volume was the most complete directory in this matter. Volume II was prepared by Anthony in part only, when he passed away unexpectedly in 2002.  

In co-operation with the British expert of edged weapons John Walter we could complete Anthony Carter's manuscript of Vol. II successfully in June 2015. One of Anthony's very close friends, living the USA, is going to publish the book as a COMPLETE directory with all German cutlers from A to Z.

The book will include an updated and expanded previous Vol. I  with the new part of all cutlers M to Z. An index will show up brandnames and trademarks with reference to the corresponding cutler. Some hundreds of vintage knife photoes, advertisements and drawings will illustrate the book with a content of grandtotal 650 pages. 

We expect to inform you with additional news in this matter mid of June 2015.