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New Publication: German Knife and Sword Makers

The definitive directory of makers and marks, from 1850 to 1945 *)

Differing to the title the content of the book is covering the
era 1850 until 2000!

Authors: J. Anthony Carter, John Walter, Henning Ritter

Publisher: Christian Cranmer (USA)


  • detailed history of the German cutlery industry

  • English - German glossary of terms used by German cutlers

  • history of more than 1,400 firms in alphabetical order 'Directory A - Z'

  • production assortment of the listed cutlers

  • all cutlers listed with overall more than 4,500 brands and trademarks

  • appendix with imperial and royal cyphers used on edged weapons

  • appendix with 'State Ordnance Dpt.' Reichzeugmeisterei 'RZM' marks

  • appendix 'Turkish markings' in Arabic, used by German cutlers

  • 51 pages index of names, marks and brands

illustrations of more than

  • 2,400 trademarks (logos)

  • 250 historical advertisements

  • 60 reproduktions from cutlers' vintage sales catalogs

  • 80 historical photos, letterheads, patent claims and patent drawings

Hardback Printing

  • content: 656 pages

  • size:  25 x 19 cm; 4,5 cm thickness / 10" x 7-1/2" x 1-3/4"

  • weight: 1,6 kg

Pricing: 78.00 €  within the European continent

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Exlusive distributer for the European continent:

HUBERTUS Schneidwarenfabrik, Solingen

About the history of this cutlery directory


J. Walter - The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany

John Walter, a British author and expert of edged weapons, published in 1973 his directory „The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany“ for collectors of Imperial German military edged weapons. Listing 160 German makers and merchants, this book was internationally highly recommended by avid collectors.

John Walter continued his researches, revised the manuscript and prepared additionally the 1914 to 1945 era. He finally offered his manuscript to his collector friend Anthony Carter to complete it. Anthony Carter had started a 'Bayonets' column in the monthly British periodical 'Guns Review' in the 1960s and publicated a large number of articles in subject to edged weapons. 1982 he founded his THARSTON PRESS to publish various books in regards to German made bayonets and accessories as well as books in subject to edged weapons from other countries.


J. Walter - The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany


J. Walter - The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany


A. Carter - German Bayonets 1 & 2 - cover


A. Carter - Bayonet Belt Frogs - example page

Anthony Carter contacted Henning Ritter of HUBERTUS in 1984 and requested our company's history, brands used by our company and asked for information on edged weapons, being made by our company or marketed by other merchants. Very soon a friendly relationship between Anthony Carter and Henning Ritter was established, and we shared our archieves with Solingen cutlers' vintage sales catalogs, books, magazines, correspondence and publications dating back to the mid 19th century.

This co-operation developed prosperously in a partnership to publish a thoroughly researched complete directory exceeding the time frame of 1945.


In spring 2002 Anthony Carter pubished „The Sword and Knife Makers of Germany 1850-2000 Vol. I“, listing a detailed description of German cutlers starting with the firms' names with the letters A to L. This book is being sold out for many years and is highly priced on the market of vintage books.

Unexpectedly Anthony Carter passed away a few months later. Volume II with the makers from M to Z was prepared partially as manuscript at that time and Henning Ritter continued Anthony Carter's project.

In close co-operation with the British expert John Walter Anthony Carter's directory was being finished successfully in June 2015.

Christian Cranmer, the owner of IMA International Military Arms in the USA is supporting the project by publishing the final book as a complete directory, listing the updated part of manufacturers A to L (previously Vol. I) and completing it with the so far missing cutlers from M to Z.

Various indexes are completing the book and are facilitating a fast link of brandnames and makers to the corresponding cutlers.


Standing behind the book project (from left to right): Christian Cranmer - John Walter - Henning Ritter

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Henning Ritter

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an expert's statement

The German knife expert Dr. Stefan Schmalhaus is featuring in his blog "Alles über feine Taschenmesser" ('All about fine pocket knives')  this review in German language: Solingen-Kompendium .

J. Anthony Carter (*21.09.1943 +22.06.2002)

J. Anthony Carter
(*21.09.1943 +22.06.2002)

Obit of J. Anthony Carter
The Telegraph - 06.07.2002

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