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Publication: 07.01.2018 • Author: Henning Ritter - Solingen

pig sticker / boar spear

For boar hunting we have developped as novelty a multi purpose pig sticker. The pig sticker can be easily screwed on top of a wooden shaft of approx. 1,50 m (approx. 60") length and is ready for use as boar spear then.


The aluminum handle is coated in two options: camouflage orange or camouflage green.

The leaf-shaped stainless steel blade has a thickness of 4.5 mm (approx. 0.177").

The one piece wooden shaft has on its top end a matching aluminum tip with a wide screw. 

The boar spear set includes a heavy duty brown leather sheath with a triple button safety for locking the pig sticker and for carrying with a belt loop.


Saufaenger-Saufeder-TA-GR-Detail Griff.jpg

The award "Goldener Keiler" by the magazin JÄGER